Lead Distribution

Do the standard out of the box lead distribution systems meet all your needs?

Use IMI Tools duplicate identification to purge duplicates or create a consolidated best view of an individual, site or company. We use state of the art matching algorithms perfected over three decades to identify duplicates. Our match process includes allowance for phonetics, nicknames, coIMI can help you customize a solution that works with your current Customer Relationship Management (CRM) or as an independent solution. Tailor your distribution rules to include geographies, regions, account names, area codes, site locations, or any combination of these. Design the sales representative's lead alerts to meet your exact needs. Adapt the opportunity follow-up process to maximize Return on Investment (ROI). We also offer plug-ins to the most popular CRMs like Salesforce.com to assist with complex requirements that are typically not met by these systems.mmon mistyping, and misspellings. Match criteria can be customized to meet your specialized needs, for example, by region or billing customer id.

Key Features:
• Customize your match criteria
• Automate your updates
• Consolidate your records

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