Data Quality

Duplicate ID

Do you have duplicates?

Use IMI Tools duplicate identification to purge duplicates or create a consolidated best view of an individual, site or company. We use state of the art matching algorithms perfected over three decades to identify duplicates. Our match process includes allowance for phonetics, nicknames, common mistyping, and misspellings. Match criteria can be customized to meet your specialized needs, for example, by region or billing customer id.

Key Features:
• Customize your match criteria
• Automate your updates
• Consolidate your records

Address Validation

Are your postal addresses valid and complete?

IMI Tools can correct mistakes in spelling and standardize formats for cities, states, and countries. Assigning the right zip codes ensures compliance with postal standards, increases deliverability, match rates and more accurate segmentation.

Upper Lower

Does your data your data LoOK like THis?

With the growing sources of customer touch points, such as web entry forms, core data elements are filled with inconsistencies. Correct salutations are critical to your personalized messaging. Get it right. Use IMI Tools to standardize names, addresses, titles, emails, and company names to the proper upper and/or lower case. Rules are tailored to each data element making allowances for title, name and address exceptions.

142 Charcot AVENUE
San Jose, CA 95131

John Smith
142 Charcot Ave
San Jose, CA 95131


Can you personalize, sort, and analyze your data effectively?

IMI tools can expertly parse data to ensure correct messaging and data integrity. Names are parsed to salutation, first name, middle name, last name and suffix. Custom parsing, such as product SKU's, ensures your data from multiple sources is aligned correctly for consolidating, organizing, aggregating, and segmenting.


Is your data punctuated correctly?

Add punctuation to your data to improve its appearance, readability and appeal.IMI Tools can do this for you.

Mr John Smith Sr
142 Charcot Ave
San Jose CA 95131

Mr. John Smith Sr.
142 Charcot Ave.
San Jose, CA 95131

Phony Name ID

Have you ever been caught targeting Homer Simpson™ on 742 Evergreen Terrace, Springfield IL?

IMI Tools can identify and remove invalid and phony records in your data. Does your data contain asdfasdf, DO NOT USE, unknown, test, self, 1234 Main Street Anytown NY? Do not get caught sending your communications to Dear Blablabla.

Email Validation

Do you bounce emails due to incorrect formats or domains that do not exist?

IMI Tools email validation identifies and corrects invalid email formats, such as \\.com, o'Neil@ (slashes, apostrophes). In addition, an optional check that the domain name answers and has a valid mail address can be performed for you. Ensure key requirements are met….@, .com. …Reduce the number of bounced email by verifying and correcting email addresses before you broadcast.

Multi-Language Characters

Have you ever sent a message to Paul-Fran?oise B%n%dicte instead of Paul-François Bénédicte?

Global communications require precise data conversions to ensure native character sets are maintained. IMI Tools is compatible with standard encoding formats, such as Windows ANSI and utf-8.

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