Data Enrichment

Company Matching

Have you ever missed an opportunity because you could not identify the lead matched your strategic account list?

Correct company matching is critical for identification of key accounts and competitors. In addition, aggregation of the same company ensures results reporting and profiling is meaningful. Incoming leads will have inconsistent naming conventions for the same company, making lead distributions to sales teams difficult. Results of this process will ensure correct distribution. IMI has developed a complex array of algorithms and reference tables to help manage this very challenging task.

Would you consider all of these the same company?
  A B & C Communications of Ohio
  A B & C Communications of Cleveland, Ohio Inc.
  ABC Communications
  AB & C Comm, Inc.
  ABC Internet Communications of Ohio

Title Coding

Have you ever wanted to target decision makers? But when you went to select the data, all you had were inconsistent business titles?

IMI transforms a raw business title into standardized proprietary Rank, Function, and Focus (RFF) classifications. The rank signifies the level in the organization, corporate executive, upper and middle management, to a specialist level. The role of the individual is indicated by the function and focus code. For example, the functional classification of Information Systems is further segmented by a focus area such as computer operations, help desk, security, network systems, etc.

Zip Correct

Have you ever distributed a lead to the Northern California sales team because of the zip code but later found out the lead should have been sent to the New York team? It was a typo on the entry form.

We validate, correct, and add the +4 any zip or postal code using the U.S. Postal Service® (USPS®) and the Canadian Postal address file. Ensure your leads are routed correctly for follow-up and nurturing.


Have you ever wanted to target your communications to a female audience?

IMI examines the first name to determine a gender. “Roberta” is recognized as female and can be assigned a salutation of Ms.The name of “Pat” is recognized as either gender and would not be assigned a salutation. Use gender to identify the best target in a household for your product or service, profile past campaigns or create a personalized message.


National Change of Address: Have you ever-lost contact with your customers because they've moved?

With outdated address information, your mail is delayed, delivered to the wrong person, or does not get delivered at all. Do not lose contact with your customers or pay additional postage fees. Update addresses of individuals and businesses that have moved and filed a change of address with the USPS to improve deliverability. Identify addresses that the post office is no longer forwarding, to save your budget.

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