Data Capture

Landing Pages

Are you converting hits to your landing pages into completed submissions?

Increase conversion rate and number of leads generated with campaign specific landing pages. IMI can pre-populate customer information from an email click-through or entry of a unique random id thus requiring minimal entry from the responder. We can also apply distribution rules and trigger an email to the appropriate sales team for follow-up on completed forms.

Marketing Database

Do you really know your customers?

Customer and prospect information is vital for every organization. Most companies have very different levels of knowledge about their customers. Are you targeting the right people for the right products at the right price? One of the greatest obstacles to keeping track of marketing activities and transient customers is a lack of time and internal resources. IMI ensures your marketing database delivers:  

• Measurable results
• Accurate and up to date information
• A complete view of your customers and target prospects

Protect your reputation by really knowing all there is to know about your customers and marketing activities.

Data Entry

Has your sales team ever handed you a box full of business cards after a tradeshow and asked you to send a follow-up letter?

IMI has staff that will input your business reply cards, tradeshow surveys, business cards, return postal mail, etc. We can convert electronic files of attendance rosters to a usable format that will meet your needs. Once this data is collected and entered, the cleansing and enhancement process can begin. IMI will maintain your USPS mailboxes for return mail, postage needs, etc.

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